New Album!

Introducing ... Ay Que boogaloo! Available February 2018!


Mariella Gonzalez–lead vocals, coro

Paloma Muñoz–lead vocals, coro

Matt Thomas–tenor sax

Rafael Gomez–bass, acoustic guitar, cuatro, coro

Kenny Bruno–piano, organ, coro

Arei Sekiguchi–timbales, drumkit

Dylan Blanchard–congas, coro

Ronnie Roc–bongo/bell, coro

Teddy Acosta–timbales, percussion, coro

Vera “Trombonita” Kemper–trombone, bass trombone

Edwin ”Machuco” Estremera–soneos and coro

Jonathan Goldman–trumpet, coro, wrangling

With our friends and fam: Manuel Garcia-Orozco–guitar (1,5,10), organ (7), vocals (1)/ John Speck–trombone (3-8,10)/ Morgan Price–bari sax (3,6,8,9)/ Jonathan Flothow–bari sax (5,7)/ Richie Robles–coro (4,7)

Cameos: Charlie Goldman, Imogen Phillips Royo, Louis Price, Maia Gomez-Leal

Special thanks! Bobby Marin, Jamie Favaro, Mónica Carrillo, Isaac Bess, Diana Garcia-Orozco, Matthew Breinich, Mike Bardash, Beth Handman, Jonathan Flothow, DJ Andujar, Salma Abdelnour, Bobby Sanabria, Elena Martinez, Gabo Tomasini, Rose Imperato, Mathew Ramirez Warren, Yne Leal, Sarah Escarraz, Rodrigo Balseca Carmona
"A combination of great musicianship, clever songwriting, and slick arranging. And guess what Pilgrims? You can dance to it too!" Bobby Sanabria (see liner notes here and full article here!)


Side A
1. Bugalú Pa’ Mi Abuela (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman)
Featuring El Callegueso
2. New York Rules  (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman)
Featuring Joe Bataan
3. You Know I’m No Good/Chica Mala Mambo (Ronson/Winehouse)
4. Ojalá-Inshallah (Goldman)
5. La Clave ‘e Mi Bugalú (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman)
Side B

6. Boogaloo Shoes (Goldman) 

7. Mister Dizzy Izzy (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman)
Featuring Flaco Navaja and Izzy Sanabria

8.Chain of Fools (Covay)
Featuring Snowboy     

9. Coco Helado  (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman/Phillips)
Featuring Rowan Ricardo Phillips

10. How Do You Know/Cómo Sabes (Garcia-Orozco/Goldman)

Arranged and Produced by Manuel Garcia-Orozco & Jonathan Goldman

All songs © 2017 Jonathan Goldman for Spanglish Fly/Published by Jonny Semicolon Music (ASCAP) & Chaco World Music Publishing (BMI) except (3) by EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC and (8) by WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC, INC., SPRINGTIME MUSIC INC.

Associate Producer Hugh Haggerty Mixed by Vince Chiarito except 4 and 7 mixed by Christian Castagno

Mastering by Eduardo Bergallo at Puro Mastering, Buenos Aires, Argentina Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studio, Queens NY, and Strange Weather, Brooklyn NY Recording

Engineers: Kamilo Kratc, Matt Breinich, Ben Greenberg, Manuel Garcia-Orozco

Cover art: Victor Rendon

Design: Diego Carranza